Which is BEST: The Morimoto 4Banger or Diode Dynamics SS3?

Which is BEST: The Morimoto 4Banger or Diode Dynamics SS3?

So, we really could not evade discussing how the brand-new Morimoto 4Banger LED Off-Road pod lights stack up against the Diode Dynamics SS3. The sheer number of comments and questions we have received has been overwhelming. To put all those to rest, we have the comparison test for you right here!


Anytime a newcomer hits a certain product market segment, everyone needs to know how they stack up against the competition. Thankfully, we have already touched on that in our post here and on our YouTube channel. Diode Dynamics’ puts up a fight with their SS3 pod light and to see how much of a fight, we put the 4Banger HXB and the SS3 Max through some tests.


The two lights that drew attention from viewers across our social channels and other popular automotive lighting spaces, was the true difference between the Morimoto 4Banger HXB Wide (White) and the Diode Dynamics SS3 Max SAE Fog (White).


Here at Headlight Revolution, we sell both brands as well as a myriad of other brands like Rigid Industries, GTR Lighting, and KC HiLites. You can check out our other LED pod light options here.

For the Diode Dynamics SS3 Max, they offer it in five different beam patterns: combo, flood, SAE driving, SAE fog, and spot. The one we suggest using in for your fog light application is the SAE Fog as the beam is very wide but not so tall.

Morimoto’s 4Banger HXB LED pods come in combo, wide, and spot. Furthermore, you can also purchase the 4Bangers in white and yellow-tinted lenses. Obviously, the wide beam is the obvious choice when it comes to a fog light application.

To compare the specific specifications on the two pods, they are overall very similar in a few categories.

Diode Dynamics SS3 Max Morimoto 4Banger HXB
Interchangeable Lenses Interchangeable Lenses
TIR Optics TIR Optics
Produced in China, Assembled in the USA Produced and Assembled in China
8 Year Warranty Limited Lifetime Warranty
Uses 4x Osram HX Boost Use 3x Osram HX Boost


As we do with our headlights, we tested the two LED light pods by setting them 25 feet away from a wall and turning them on. From there, we measured the lights using a Lux meter. We are NOT measuring with lumens as that is irrelevant in this test. Using Lux to measure the lights will give you the best possible idea as to how bright the lights truly are.



The interesting thing about the 4Banger HXB Wide is that the beam maintains the same brightness across its beam pattern. The Lux meter read it as 720 max. Lux.

With the SS3 Max, it rated at 490 max. Lux. With its light output, it has a clear cut-off at the base rather than an even bleed. The hotspots are also dotted across the beam rather than being consistently spread across the whole beam pattern.



To see how hot these lights run after certain time periods, we left them on for 10 minutes and measured the temperature of various surfaces on the light. The SS3 Max reached a temperature of around 165°-194° F and the 4Banger HXB reached around 162°-195° F, depending on where you measure.


Another thing to note is that after an hour the lights began to dim a little to maintain their luminance. The 4Banger came in at 400 max. Lux and the SS3 came in at 350 max. Lux after being on for an hour.

Beam Patterns

To illustrate how the beam patterns performed, we have put them on top of each other. The SS3 Max has some width on the 4Banger, however, the 4Banger keeps its brightness across that beam where the SS3 Max loses out on that intensity in spots.


We also cut the beams in half to show you how they look next to each other. This shot shows how the 4Banger shines a lot brighter in its hot spot as well as how far down the beam reaches.


Color and Chip Technology

Both of these lights utilize Osram HX Boost LED chips on the inside. The 4Banger HXB uses three LED chips as opposed to the traditional four. The 4Banger gets its extra brightness from is the Total Internal Reflector (TIR) optics.


In respect to color, the 4Banger is a little bluer in its color, but the SS3 Max and 4Banger HXB are too close in color to really be of concern.


We want to know what you think of these lights. After having seen them in action and compared against the mighty SS3 Max, what do you think of the 4Bangers? Which would you choose?

For us, the answer is clear. The Morimoto 4Banger HXB wide is the winner in this battle. Its compact size, versatile adapters, light output, and overall performance are hard to beat. Not to mention, the unique design gives this a nice edge over the competition and will help your lights be used for both form and function.


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