Introducing the Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics: A Game Changer for Your Vehicle's Lighting

Are you tired of the same old beam pattern from your vehicle's lights? Do you wish you could change the color of your beams to suit your style or the weather conditions? Well, your wish is our command. We're thrilled to introduce the Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics - a revolutionary product that lets you customize your vehicle's lighting like never before.


Change Your Beam Pattern and Color with Ease

The Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics are factory parts designed to give you the freedom to change the beam pattern or color on your Morimoto 4Banger LED pods. Whether you're looking for backup lenses for a rainy day or just want to switch things up, these lenses offer the perfect solution.

Choose from Four Unique Beam Patterns

The 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics come in four distinct beam patterns:

Combo Beam

This lens illuminates a clear path with medium range, providing a blend of width and distance illumination. It's perfect for everyday driving, especially in remote areas. The hot spot has been perfectly tuned to produce an ideal flood beam, making the 4Banger Combo an excellent addition to any set of high-performance headlights.

Spot Beam

If you need to illuminate far into the distance, the Spot Beam lens is your best bet. It features a highly focused hot spot surrounded by a tight flood beam, making it the perfect weapon for long-range visibility.

Wide Beam

The 4Banger Wide Beam lens delivers the best combination of width, intensity, and control, making it the most effective on and off-road LED fog light in the world. When mounted and aimed properly, it meets SAE F photometric standards for on-road use as a fog light.

Flood Beam

When focus is irrelevant and broad output is more important, the 4Banger Flood Beam lens comes into play. Designed to diffuse the output of the potent Nichia or Osram chips within, this lens emits a broad (but shallow) range of output.


All-Weather Visibility

The white-output version of the 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics is ideal for all-around visibility. However, for those who desire optimal output in rain, snow, or fog, the Yellow-output version is a game-changer. Please note that the NCS 4Bangers that come with yellow lenses from the factory also use yellow LED chips, so installing a set of replacement yellow lenses will not yield the same deep yellow color as a factory spec pod.


What's Included

Each purchase includes 1x Morimoto 4Banger Optical Lens. Please note that the 4Banger Pods are not included and are sold separately. All our products come with a Lifetime Limited Warranty for your peace of mind.

Compatibility and Tech Specs

The Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics are compatible with 4Banger Surface, Flush, or Fog Mount. They are not compatible with other pods. The lenses are made from Makrolon LED Polycarbonate and come in Wide, Spot, and Combo beam patterns. You can choose from Yellow or White colors.


Starting at $22

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Upgrade Your Vehicle's Lighting Today

Don't settle for subpar lighting. Upgrade to the Morimoto 4Banger Replacement Lens Optics today and experience the difference. Whether you're driving on a clear night or in foggy conditions, these lenses will ensure you have the best possible visibility.