The Best Bang for Your Buck Led Headlight 2020+ Ford Super Duty

The Best Bang for Your Buck Led Headlight 2020+ Ford Super Duty

Despite huge strides in the technology behind LED headlights, car manufacturers are doubling down on making these upgrades standard for their cars. If you want OEM LED headlights on your car, you will often have to opt for a several thousand-dollar trim level upgrade. That is absurd.


The folks at Morimoto have a solution for you that will not only save you some cash but will also upgrade your lighting performance. If you have been shopping for headlights for your 2020+ Ford Super Duty, then you have probably heard of the Morimoto XB LED headlights. If the price is out of your budget, Morimoto has introduced the XB Hybrid headlights.


The Morimoto XB Hybrid is an incredible value and has the same quality and performance that you will find in the premium XB LED model. These headlights are designed for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty equipped with halogen headlights from factory.

The biggest difference between the XB LED to the XB Hybrid headlight is the Hybrid’s use of the stock turn signal bulb. You will also find two LED projectors, one for the low and one for the high beam. This is in opposition to the four LED projectors on the XB LED. You will also find that the Hybrids have a more OEM appearance. 


The Hybrid headlight will not have the sequential turn signal or the extravagant start-up sequence. We have heard that some people are a fan of the basic turn signal and a subtle start-up. If that is you, then the Hybrid will serve you well.

Fear not, the lack of sequential turn signal does not mean you will lose out on the incredible daytime running lights (DRL) that are a mark of the Morimoto XB headlights. It is super bright white when your headlights are off. Then when you switch on your headlights, the DRLs go to 50 percent brightness.

If you want to take your XB Hybrid a step further, you can replace the stock halogen turn signal bulb with an LED one from GTR Lighting. They have a fantastic blinker bulb called the Ultra i-LED Turn Signal Bulb. Let us tell you, this thing is BRIGHT. Possibly the brightest turn signal bulb on the market today.

These indicator bulbs will give you a simulated white DRL mode when your turn signal is not activated. When you decide to hook a left into your local burger joint, the white light switches to this bright amber color, letting everyone know where you are going.


XB Hybrid Performance

Moving on to the performance of the XB Hybrid. Make no mistake, these are absolutely brighter than your stock halogen headlights. Ford really fumbled the ball on the 2020+ Super Duty.

Here is a comparison between the stock light and the XB Hybrid. On low beam, you are seeing a 121 percent increase over the OEM headlight. When you flip your high beams on, you get a 260 percent increase in light output.

Screenshot_43 Screenshot_44

With the XB Hybrid, you can achieve an OEM+ look while gaining a massive jump in lighting performance. A stronger beam pattern and more distance from your headlights.

The DRLs also help other drivers see you on the road without having to have your headlights on all the time. It is a small gesture but goes a long way for safety and performance.


Even though the XB Hybrid utilizes the stock halogen indicator bulb, the install is just the same as the premium XB LED. You will find all the same mounting points and connectors to make install a plug-and-play process.

(Note: Install images show the Morimoto XB LED for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty, same instructions apply. If you have any specific questions, reach out to

Tools Needed for the Job
10mm Bolt
High Impact Drill
Pry Tool
Needlenose Pliers

To begin, open the hood and remove the 14 plastic pins dotted across the radiator cover at the front of the engine bay. Take the plastic piece and set it to the side. Also, remove the intake duct.


Located toward the bottom of the grill, next to both headlights, use a pry tool to reveal a 10mm bolt. Unscrew both bolts.

Screenshot_31 Screenshot_32

Move to the engine bay, just behind the grill and near the headlights at the top of the engine bay, there are two more 10mm bolts. One on either side of the car.


Then, unscrew six 10mm bolts located across the top of the grill.


Now you can remove the grill from your car. Use a pry tool to push your grill out from the outer edges by your headlights. Be careful not to scratch your headlights.

You may then pull the grill towards you to remove it.


Next, you will start to remove the OEM headlight housing. There are two on top of the headlight housing and another on the outside corner.

The top two can be accessed from the front of the car. The corner bolt is a bit more complicated.


To get to the fourth 10mm bolt, peel down the rubber finishing just above the front bumper on the side of the car. Behind the rubber piece you will find the 10mm bolt.


Now you will need to wiggle the headlight out of its position. Lift up on the tab of where the innermost bolt was located. Be careful not to scratch your paint or bumper.

Be sure to unplug the connectors from the headlight before fully removing the headlight.



To set up your DRL, take the wiring harness and plug it into your fuse box. Remove fuse 16 and replace it with your DRL harness plugin.

Screenshot_39 Screenshot_40

Once that is done, run the shortest DRL wire to the closest headlight and the longest DRL wire to the farthest headlight.

Take your new Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights and connect the factory wires to the Morimoto connectors.


Before bolting the XB Hybrids into place, transfer the incandescent indicator bulb from your OEM headlights to the XB Hybrids. If you opted to use an aftermarket incandescent indicator bulb, you can put that in now instead of the OEM one.

Before fully installing your new headlights, be sure to test all of their functions.

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