The BEST & BRIGHTEST Turn Signal for the 2014 – 2021 Toyota 4Runner

The BEST & BRIGHTEST Turn Signal for the 2014 – 2021 Toyota 4Runner

Say hello to the GTR Lighting Ultra i-LED bulb! This is one of, if not THE brightest turn signal on the market and it is a must-buy for your 2014-2021 Toyota 4Runner. These are indicator bulbs that really transform your turn signals from a dim orange to a bright and sharp amber color.


Headlight performance is the most important thing in the world when it comes to automotive lighting, but you cannot overlook the turn signals. With the GTR Lighting Ultra i-LED, you are getting a brilliant combination of style, safety, and performance. There is no chance of someone missing you making a turn with these on.


We have gone over the i-LEDs in the past. GTR Lighting is the best in the business when it comes to producing turn signals. Not to say they do not excel at making bulbs for other applications, but today we are looking at their Ultra i-LED series.


There are three different color options you can choose from when picking out your Ultra i-LED bulb. You have the standard amber, red for your rear signal, white. and a switchback.

These lights are plug and play, with the only difference being a need for a turn signal adapter. This goes between the bulb and the line from the car. To install, you unscrew the wiring, then connect the adapter to the bulb by lining up the arrows on the two wires. Make sure to have the arrows line up to avoid a faulty installation.



In order to install your bulb, you will first need to remove the OEM bulb and unplug it from its connector. Take the connector and plug it into the i-LED adapter harness.

Next is to identify the mounting configuration of the OEM bulb and build the i-LED bulb to match. The way it works is that the original bulb was held in place with the bulb socket and the socket installs into the housing with mounting tabs. The new bulb does not have any of that, meaning it will not hold in place. This is why it comes with an adapter socket.


Once you have identified where the original mounting tabs are on the OEM part, use the screws to build the i-LED to match. You will not need the collar spacer because the 4Runner’s turn signal hole is too small. You will also be using the small foam seal that goes on before the mounts.


On the original bulb socket for the 4Runner, you will see four locking tabs. You will need to recreate this with the screws for the i-LED bulb. Since the collar spacer is not being used, use the small screws to create the mounting tabs. Additionally, you will only need three screws, as 2 of the four mounting tabs on the OEM piece are close enough together to not require an additional screw.

To begin, put a screw in any of the holes. The bulb is universally aligned so it does not matter where you begin.

Then, hold it up to the original bulb adapter. Put in an additional two screws to match the OEM piece. We recommend adding one screw at 12 o’clock, 3 o’clock, and at 6 o’clock. While the OEM has four tabs, the three being used on the i-LED will be more than enough to secure the bulb in place.

GTR lighting ILED Mounting Config 2

If you plan on using these in your front or rear turn signals, please be sure to add the turn signal adapter harness to your cart before checkout. This is required to make sure they work properly on any blinking bulb. If you install the bulbs in the brake, parking, or reverse light, everything should work fine. However, if you do get an error, these adapters should solve that problem.



Tools Needed for the Job:
Alan Screw (Included w/ bulb)
Dielectric Grease
10mm Bit
Impact/Ratcheting Wrench

Begin by removing the two bolts located near the top of the fender liner.

Screenshot_12 10mm bolts-01

Peel back the fender line and reach to remove the bulb. Then, unplug the OEM bulb from the socket.

Grab your GTR i-LED and connect it to the factory connector. Then, turn it clockwise into the turn signal housing.

Screenshot_14 clockwise bulb turn-01

Repeat for both sides.

Be sure to test the signals before tidying up your workspace.


We cannot give the GTR Lighting Ultra i-LED bulb enough praise. We love the color, light output, and overall build quality. Maybe we talk about it too much, but we just want to get the word out there. Unlike other LED bulbs this i-LED does not require any soldering of resistors because they are able to be plugged in, which means no hassle when performing the installation.

If you’re more of a visual learner, be sure to check out our video below talking you through the installation process of your new I-LED bulbs, step by step. While you are there, make sure to like and subscribe to our channel for the latest lighting upgrades for your vehicle. Also, be sure to check out our range of options on HeadlightRevolution.com. 

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