Morimoto's 4Banger LED Fog Lights Upgrade Your 2018+ Jeep JL or JT

If you're a Jeep JL or JT owner, you're likely always on the hunt for ways to enhance your off-road experience. One upgrade that can really improve your night driving and overall safety is the Morimoto 4Banger LED fog light kit. Here, we'll look at the features of this fog light kit and why you should consider adding it to your Jeep.


5 Benefits of the Morimoto 4Banger LED Fog Light Kit

Designed for Jeep JL and JT models

Morimoto specifically engineered this fog light kit to seamlessly integrate with both Jeep JL and JT models. This helps ensure a perfect fit and easy installation.

Compatibility with metal and plastic bumpers

Whether you have a metal or plastic bumper, the 4Banger LED fog light kit is designed to work with both, making it a versatile choice for Jeep owners.

Entry-level pod light with impressive brightness

The 4Banger NCS is Morimoto's entry-level pod light, but don't let that fool you. It still delivers impressive brightness, greatly enhancing your visibility during nighttime off-roading adventures.

Optional XB version for greater illumination

If you're looking for even more powerful illumination, the 4Banger XB version offers the brightest pod light in Morimoto's lineup.

Comprehensive installation instructions

We provide detailed installation instructions on our website. This makes it easy for you to install the 4Banger LED fog light kit yourself.



Starting at $380

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