Morimoto XB LED Euro Tri-Bar Taillights for the '15-22 Ford Mustang

Morimoto XB LED Tri-Bar Taillights for the '15-22 Ford Mustang

We have done a fair amount with the Ford Mustang S550 (2015-2022). We have walked you through upgrading the interior lights, headlights, reverse light, and even the side markers. We have also told you all about the Ford GT-style Morimoto XB Taillights that caused some serious discussion over their appearance.

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Morimoto must have been listening because they have just launched these Tri-Bar XB LED Taillights that are in keeping with the OEM taillight style. We enjoyed the unique design of the XB LED Tails and how it made the Mustang more unique. With these new taillights, the return to form is done with expertise and craftsmanship to prove their worth over plain old OEM parts.


After receiving customer feedback, Morimoto decided to introduce this classically-styled tri-bar XB LED taillight. Now there are two options for taillights that Morimoto sells for the S550 Mustang. You have the original, Ford GT-inspired taillights that featured a circular sequential turn signal and an insanely bright reverse light, and you now have these tri-bar-designed XB LED tails that use an amber sequential turn signal, something not found on many vehicles.


When off, the tri-bar taillights have a smoked-out look that erupts into a vibrant red color when the car is turned on.

OEM Taillights Turned Off Morimoto XB LED Taillights Turned Off
Screenshot_4-1 Screenshot_7-1

In the OEM car, a combination lamp is used for the taillights. This means that the brake light and the turn signal operate on the same circuit. This prevents the turn signal from being a different color than the brake light. With Morimoto's XB LED Tri-Bar Tails you get the incredible amber turn sequential turn signals.


As standard with Morimoto XB LED headlight and taillight assemblies, the installation is all plug-and-play. With the 2015-2022 Mustang, the installation does not require many tools.


Tools Needed for the Job
Pry Tool (optional)
Impact/Ratchet Wrench
10mm Socket

To begin with, open your trunk and unscrew all four of the mounting pins on the plastic panel closest to you. There are two on each side. Work both sides out and you can lift the plastic piece off and up.

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5

Next, remove the now revealed push pin holding in the carpet. Removing this will reveal a connector and three bolts. Remove the connector and the three bolts to loosen the taillight.


Screenshot_9 Screenshot_8

Once these are done, you can wiggle out the taillight. Do so gently and pull straight out. In doing so, you will see a rubber grommet. You can pull this out as well and the remaining wiring will come with it.


Repeat for the second taillight.

Take the corresponding taillight side and slide the wiring into the whole. Make sure the grommet is pushed in correctly and that the mounting points slide in properly.


Once that is done, lightly screw in the three bolts and plug in the connector. Before tightening the bolts, test the light and all its functions to ensure they are working properly. Do the same for the other taillight.


After tightening the three bolts, the final step is to transfer the black plastic piece that sits on top of the stock taillights to the new XB LEDs. This is super easy to do.

Use a pry tool or your hands to pop the clips from their hinges. Remove these gently. Once removed, place it onto the XB LED housings by snapping the clips in place.



If these have not satisfied your hunger for better automotive lighting, Morimoto has you covered with headlights for the 2015-2017 and 2018-2022, fog lights, side markers, super-bright reverse light bulbs, and great interior lighting to brighten your Ford Mustang’s interior.

If you are more of a visual learner or would like to see these lights in action. Check out our video below covering all the bulbs we discussed and the installation process step-by-step. While you are there, do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel for the latest lighting upgrades for your vehicle.

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