Morimoto's All-New 3rd Brake Lights: X3B

Morimoto’s all-new 3rd brake lights: X3b

As lighting enthusiasts, we’re already huge fans of Morimoto and their existing aftermarket lighting lineup. They offer top-of-the-line LED headlights, taillights, and other smaller accessories such as LED license plate lights and side markers. They’ve been leaders in the lighting industry for years to come so it’s only suiting that they’ve finally made a 3rd brake light to match. Morimoto has now released the X3B 3rd brake light for the world’s most popular trucks.

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A closer look at the x3b

We know that Morimoto is known for their no-compromise standards, so it’s no surprise that the new X3B brake light from Morimoto is the perfect combination of performance, utility, and style. Each X3B unit was carefully designed, engineered, and tested by Morimoto in the US. Unlike most other options on the market, Morimoto’s 3rd brake light offers a massive light upgrade for the rear of your truck. The X3B units are crafted with incredibly bright, 3 Watt LEDs for optimal light output. The specially engineered rail-style optic was designed to perfectly illuminate the bed of your truck. The brake light features 3D TIR-style optics that focus the light directly behind the truck, so it is extremely bright and easy to see. Like all other Morimoto products, the installation is made to be as simple as possible. The X3B can be installed within a matter of minutes in the comfort of your own driveway. It reuses all the original OEM mounting points which means no modification is needed for this install. For those that care about the street legality of your truck, this new 3rd brake light was also designed to comply with all SAE and DOT standards for rear-facing lamps.

If upgrading to stylish new 3rd brake light isn’t enough to make you stand out from the crowd, Morimoto also offers a plug-and-play module to give your truck an extra special feature. This plug-and-play module is called a rapid flash module. The rapid flash will make the brake light flash 4 times before going to a solid state. This is a unique feature that can often be found on more modern vehicles today. The X3B is made of extremely high-quality materials and is backed by Morimoto’s 5-year warranty. If you’re ready to ditch your boring and dim 3rd brake light, the Morimoto x3B is the best upgrade for your truck.

Morimoto X3B LED Brake Light
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New X3b Lineup


14-21 Tundra X3B_Brake

FORD F150 (09-14)

09-14 F150 3BL 1


99-16 Ford Super Duty X3B Brake Light

DODGE RAM (09-18)

09-18 RAM_Cargo & Brake


21+ F150 3BL 10


21+ F150 X3B_Brake2






Morimoto has continuously elevated the playing field by offering new LED upgrades for the world’s most popular trucks. From the XB LED headlights to the XB LED Taillights, it’s clear that Morimoto puts good looks and performance first. The new X3B 3rd brake light is no exception to this standard. If you want a 3rd brake light that deserves to be on your truck, look no further.

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