Morimoto vs Alpharex LED Headlight? Dodge RAM HD | HR Tested

Morimoto vs Alpharex LED Headlight? Dodge RAM HD | HR Tested

Decisions are hard. We here at HeadlightRevolution.com like to help you solve those decisions. While we can not help you choose which is the best Marvel movie (pssst, it is Iron Man (2008), we CAN help you choose which LED headlight is best for your 2006-2008 Dodge Ram. Is it the Morimoto XB Hybrids or the Alpharex Nova LED headlights? Today we find out.

A man stands behind the Morimoto XB Hybrid and the Alpharex Nova LED headlights.

Morimoto and Alpharex are two giants of the pickup and truck lighting industry. Truth be told, you really could not go wrong with either of them in a blind pick. But since they are so close in performance and specifications, we have broken them down into a few different categories to find the pros and cons of each.


In 2006, Dodge introduced the facelifted version of their 2500 and 3500 Ram Heavy Duty pickup trucks. With upgraded looks came improved performance, interior furnishings, and overall improvements. Except for their headlights. The OEM headlights that Dodge typically runs on this generation of Ram trucks are some of the worst that we have ever seen.

We will be skipping over the dismal stock halogen lights and jumping straight into our aftermarket options, starting with the Morimoto XB Hybrid LED. This headlight uses a monstrous, single-projector LED light that acts as the low beam and the high beam. It then utilizes the factory incandescent light for the turn signal (hence the ‘Hybrid’ name).

These XB Hybrids are made of the same quality materials as the premium Morimoto XBs. You get a bit of a trade-off with the use of the OEM turn signal bulb and a reduced price when compared to the premium XBs.

The Morimoto XB Hybrid LED headlight for the Dodge Ram HD.

On the Alpharex Novas, you have a much more radical design that features four LED projectors and a daytime running light (DRL). The biggest difference between the two is the turn signal. Where Morimoto uses the stock bulb, Alpharex uses the DRL at the base of the light to act as a sequential turn signal.

The Alpharex Nova LED headlight for the Dodge Ram HD.


We know this is up to personal preference, but generally speaking, the Morimoto XB Hybrid is meant to echo the stylings of the 2009-2014 Ram 1500 trucks, and the Alpharex Nova is meant to imitate the modern stylings of the current Ram pickup trucks.

Both headlights use a DRL. In the XB Hybrid, the DRL is located at the base of the headlight while on the Nova the DRL is above and below the main projectors.


This one is probably the most clear-cut comparison between the two LED headlights. To test them, we pulled our car into the garage and parked it perpendicular to the wall at 25 feet. Then we flipped the lights off and turn the headlights on. To gauge the brightness of the light, we ran a digital Lux meter across the beam pattern in search of the brightest point.

Alpharex’s Nova LED is rated at 480 max. Lux on low beam while the Morimoto XB Hybrid comes in at 850 max. Lux, a 56 percent difference. The Morimoto benefits greatly from the single projector in that the light does not need to balance the projection from multiple sources.

A comparison of brightness between the Alpharex Nova LED and the Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights.

Moving on to the high beam, the Alpharex is rated at 840 max. Lux, just shy of the XB Hybrid’s low beam. We do have to commend them for giving a really nice beam pattern that is ideal for nighttime driving. For the XB Hybrid emits 960 max. Lux, establishing an 88 percent increase in output.

A comparison of brightness between the Alpharex Nova LED and the Morimoto XB Hybrid headlights.

Both lights emit essentially the same color temperature, so there is no need to worry about not getting a nice, cool-white color to your beam.


Both have the same time of mounting points. All the brackets are the same as the stock brackets. Where the difference lies, is in the connectors.

The Morimoto XB Hybrid and Alpharex Nova both have the necessary factory connectors that match the connectors on the OEM lights. They do; however, both have a DRL connector that you will not find on the rear of the factory headlight. This is because the 06-08 Rams does not come equipped with daytime running lights from the factory.

A electric harness meant for connecting your Daytime Running Lights to your car/

To use the DRL, you will need the harness that can be connected to your fuse box via the blue connector above fuse 10. Then you can string the wires to the headlights with the longer wire extending to the opposite side headlight from the battery fuse box. This applies regardless of which headlight you choose.

An image of the blue fuse that needs to be removed from the fuse box.

A man plugs in the Daytime Running Light harness to the fuse box.


The install process is relatively simple thanks to both light’s use of factory connectors and brackets. Regardless, we will briefly go over how to install a set onto your car.

First, open your hood and you will see two 10mm bolts on the interior side of the light, plus one more located inside the fender. Unscrew these three bolts and do not forget to use a magnet to catch the bolt from falling into the fender.

Directions on which screws to remove from the Dodge Ram headlight mounts.

Directions on which screws to remove from the Dodge Ram headlight mounts.

Repeat the same step for the passenger side.

Use a pry tool to work the light away from the car. Before pulling the light completely off the car, undo all the connectors.

A man uses a pry tool to remove the headlight from a Dodge Ram HD.

This is now the best time to install the DRL harness we discussed earlier in this post.

A man runs a LED Daytime Running Light harness across the front of an engine bay. A man runs a LED Daytime Running Light harness across the front of an engine bay.

You can now plug in your new headlights of your choice. Before fully tightening everything back, make sure you run through all your light’s functions to ensure they work properly.

Overall, both headlights will be an improvement over stock. If you are looking for the best possible light output, we believe the Morimoto XB Hybrid is the way to go. If you are more so looking to modernize the look of your Ram HD, the Alpharex Nova LED headlights are a great option for that.

The Morimoto XB Hybrid LED headlight installed on a Dodge Ram HD. The Alpharex Nova LED headlight installed on a Dodge Ram HD.

If you are more of a visual learner, be sure to check out our video comparing the Morimoto XB Hybrids to the Alpharex Nova LED headlights on the 2006-2008 Ram HD. While you are there, make sure to like and subscribe to our channel for the latest lighting upgrades for your vehicle.

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