LED Headlights: The Myths and the Real Problem

When it comes to LED headlights, there's a sea of misinformation that can lead to misunderstanding and unnecessary complaints. Many people tend to blame the LED lighting itself without understanding the actual cause of the problem. Let's break down the truth and reveal the real problem with LED headlights.

Misconceptions about LED Headlights

Most complaints about LED headlights come from people who might not fully understand how they work. They often point the finger at LED technology itself, demanding governmental restrictions on these lights. However, it's crucial to understand that LED headlights, when used correctly, aren't inherently problematic.

The Real Problem: Improper Retrofitting

The real issue lies not in the LED headlights but in their use. Many people buy cheap LED retrofit headlight bulbs from online marketplaces like Amazon, install them in their vehicles with reflector housings, and think everything is fine. However, they might be inadvertently blinding other drivers without realizing it. This happens even when they're using low beams.

Reflector housings were designed for halogen bulbs with a very different light output method than LED bulbs. When you put LED bulbs in these housings, some stray light or glare will go outside the beam's area and into the eyes of oncoming traffic.


Factory LED vs. Retrofit LED Headlights

Cars that come with LEDs from the factory are configured not to blind other drivers. Similarly, cars that have been properly retrofitted with LED or HID projectors won't cause blinding issues.

However, when people use low-cost LED retrofit bulbs in their older cars with reflector housings, problems arise. These issues are not due to the LED technology but rather the improper retrofitting.

Unavoidable Factors

It's also worth mentioning that certain situations can cause temporary blinding, regardless of the headlight design. For instance, people leaving their high beams on, bumps in the road that cause low beams to travel upward momentarily, or if an oncoming vehicle is higher than yours, can all result in temporary blinding.

The Bottom Line

Factory LED headlights are generally fine. The problem lies with people who use cheap LED bulbs in their halogen housings without proper retrofitting.

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