An in-depth look at the new 2022 tundra lighting

From 2007 to 2021, we saw the same Tundra year after year with the same body style and general concept. In 2022, Toyota decided to completely change the game. The 2022 rendition introduces a completely new model with a variety of changes. Here at Headlight Revolution, we love nothing more than lighting. Today we’re going to take an in-depth look at the new Tundra headlights and lightbar to explain how they work, how to get them on your Tundra, and how bright they really are.



How good are the 2022 Tundra headlights?

In short – they’re pretty dang good. The new 2022 headlights on the Tundra are completely different from anything we’ve seen on a Toyota before. They’ve introduced new technologies into this platform to bring an innovative LED headlight we’re excited about. The headlight we are referencing today is the premium option – quad projector LED headlights. If you instead opt for the entry-level, you will have the LED reflector headlights. While these are similar technology to the old headlights on the Tundra, they do still mimic the 2022 body style. The premium option headlights can opt-in for 1794, Limited Edition, Platinum, and TRD Pro trim levels.


The styling in the 2022 premium headlight option is focused around the 4 black projectors at the top of the unit. It is bordered by a large, sweeping LED DRL. Within this DRL, Toyota also included an all-new sequential turn signal. Many might even mistake this OEM headlight unit for an aftermarket headlight unit with this unique feature. The low beams optimize 3 projectors as shown in the photo above. When the high beam is powered on, it optimizes the corner projector. Powering on the high beams will also automatically cut off the Tundra’s fog lights. Interestingly enough, you might not even notice. In our studio, we could barely tell a difference between them being on or off, letting us conclude that these fog lights are more for appearance than performance.



The Truth about the trd led lightbar

One of the coolest features on the TRD Pro trim levels is the lightbar built into the grille. This option is only available on the TRD Pro trim level.


While we know that it looks insanely good on the front of the truck, as lighting enthusiasts we want to know if it really works. The styling is perfect with individual LED projectors that mimic the premium option headlights. However, what we learned is that this isn’t your typical lightbar. Really, we found it a little disappointing.


The lightbar really acts as a high beam assist. Because of this, you will only be able to activate the lightbar when your high beams are on. This lightbar can be activated via a button on the dash labeled “TRD Light Bar.” In our real-life studio comparison, you can tell the lightbar isn’t a huge improvement. Ideally, you want a lightbar that is made for long-distance lighting in a far range. While Toyota’s lightbar does provide more light on the road, it is minimal and will really act as a squirrel or owl finder late at night.


UNIQUE TRD LED Lighting accents


Have you ever passed by a Ford F-150 Raptor or a Ram TRX and admired their triple grille lights? For most enthusiasts, this is a sought-after accent that makes your front end just that much cooler. The new 2022 Tundra features these triple-LED grille lights in amber. These LED accent lights can also be found on the side in amber, and on the rear in red. However, if you never get the chance to see one of these trucks up close you might never notice that small detail Toyota included within the light. When you turn off these LED accent lights, you’ll be able to see a TRD inlay that they built into the circuit board of the LEDs. This is truly a unique touch that sets your TRD apart from the rest of the crowd.



Taillight and rear-end lighting for the new tundra

We know the front of the new Tundra is bright and exciting, but can the rear follow suit? Thankfully, Toyota put just as much thought and detail into the technology featured on the rear end, too. Specifically, the taillights.


The taillights on the new Tundra feature 3 long vertical bars with LEDs inlaid behind them. This style is almost like a Lincoln Navigator or Cadillac Escalade, screaming elegance and quality. The turn signal is an amber sequential turn function that moves through each bar from inside to outside. As for the reverse light, it isn’t located in the taillights. Instead, it is placed on the lower portion of the bumper next to the license plate indention. Unfortunately, these reverse lights act more like an indicator for those around you. They aren’t very bright and won’t aid the driver in reversing. However, as a quick and easy fix, you can install something similar to the Morimoto Backup Boost Bar to get an instant upgrade over stock.


On the side of the taillights, you’ll find a button that will release the tailgate. Within the tailgate are more LEDs to help you see within the bed of the truck. The 3rd brake light at the top of the Tundra is also LED and might even be brighter than the stock reverse lights. Overall, we appreciate the LED features and new technology that Toyota brought to the table with the new Tundra.



Toyota really changed the game by introducing new LED lighting technology on the 2022 Tundra. From the LED projector headlights to the tri-bar taillights, they really put time and detail to think about what consumers want and need for their new trucks. They solved the problem of dim and dingy headlights and at the same time provided a stylish upgrade that could be mistaken as aftermarket. While there are some areas that can be improved, we’re sure it’s only a matter of time until you see some high-quality LED aftermarket upgrades available.

If you are more of a visual learner, check out our video where we take you on a light-by-light tour of the 2022 Tundra. To learn more about automotive lighting, go to our YouTube and make sure to like and subscribe to our channel for the latest lighting upgrades for your vehicle. Have any questions about one of the products we mentioned? Contact us today, and our customer service team would be happy to help.