Trading Old Lights for New: LED Bulbs for Your 11-21 Dodge Durango

Owning a 2011-2021 Dodge Durango means wanting the best for your vehicle. Trading its incandescent lights for LED ones is one such upgrade. It's straightforward and will take your 11-21 Durango's interior from simple to splendid. Let me show you how.

Choosing Bulbs: A Simple Matter of Light and Durability

Before we dive in, know your LED options. Three stand out, perfect for swapping out the T10 incandescent bulb of your Durango. These are the GTR Lighting 10-chip bulb, the Morimoto T10 LED bulb, and Morimoto's hybrid T10 bulb.

The GTR Lighting 10-chip bulb casts a bright, white glow. It's made for folks who love a well-lit interior. It's also long-lasting, a worthy companion for your Durango's journeys.

Then, there are the Morimoto T10 bulbs. One is a hybrid T10 bulb, light on the pocket but heavy on performance. The other Morimoto bulb is a visual delight, setting it apart from its kin.

Be wary, though. Many T10 bulbs out there don't live up to the promises they make. Make sure your pick is tested and won't flicker as your doors swing open and shut.



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Installation: A Task of Patience and Care

Installing these bulbs isn't hard. You'll need a pry tool and perhaps a pair of needle-nose pliers. Be careful if the bulbs have been lit for a while. They get hot.

To start, use your pry tool to ease the map lights out of their spot. Once you've done that, you'll see the T10 bulb. It might be hot, so give it time to cool down before you handle it, or use pliers to carefully remove it.

Next, it's time to fit in your new LED bulb. If it doesn't light up, it might be because of the bulb's polarity. Just pull it out, give it a half-turn, and put it back. Now, your map lights are all set.

T10/194: MORIMOTO XB LED 3.0

T10/194: MORIMOTO XB LED 3.0

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Carry On: Lighting up the Footwell and Ceiling

After the map lights, move to the footwell area. The steps are the same – remove the plastic cover, replace the T10 bulb, and remember to give it a flip if it doesn't light up the first time. This change will brighten the footwell noticeably.

The back passenger seats are next. Use the same bulb as the map lights here. It keeps the light color consistent across your vehicle's ceiling. Even though some ceiling lights can't be replaced, switching out the T10 bulb will make the space brighter.

T10/194: MORIMOTO XB LED 3.0


Starting at $30

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Finishing Up: The Rear Hatch Lights

The last stop is the rear hatch of your Durango. Two T10 bulbs are nestled here. Just like before, pry out the housing, swap the old bulb with your LED bulb, and give it a flip if it doesn't light up right away.

You'll find that this upgrade makes a clear difference to your Durango. It's like giving it a new pair of eyes that light up the interiors, making everything clearer, safer.

LEDs: The Lights That Last

LED upgrades are becoming more popular. They're sturdier, and they perform better. This guide is meant to make the switch easier, ensuring that your vehicle's lights don't act up, with no hyper flashing or flickering.

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