Morimoto Introduces New Headlights for 2020+ Silverado HD Trucks

Morimoto introduces new headlights for 2020+ Silverado Hd Trucks

The Chevrolet Silverado is one of GM’s best-selling vehicles – ever. That means there are a lot of them out on the road today. Unfortunately, most owners know that stock headlights leave a lot to be desired. When you roll off the lot in a new truck, you would anticipate your new headlights to be just as bright and exciting as the truck itself. For a lot of Silverado owners, this is not the case. Morimoto recognized that and created easy plug-and-play solutions. This month they introduce two new aftermarket headlight options for the 2020+ Silverado HD Trucks. The Morimoto XB LED headlights and the XB LED Hybrid headlights are sure to be the upgrade your truck needs to light up the roads ahead.


You might now be wondering what the differences between the two new headlights are. Consider it like this – You can go to Burger King and order a Whopper or a Whopper Jr. The Whopper Jr might not be as big as the full-size version, however, that doesn’t affect the way the Whopper Jr tastes. It still has all the flavors of its bigger counterpart. The XB LED and XB Hybrid headlights work in a similar fashion.

The XB LED headlight is going to be the full package. These headlights include bi-LED projectors for both low beam and high beam, standard or sequential turn signals, and feature the highly regarded Morimoto start-up sequence. The XB Hybrids are going to be a version of the headlights that are made for everyone to be able to enjoy and afford. The XB Hybrid headlights use a mix of both LED and halogen bulbs, thus the origin of the name Hybrid. The XB Hybrid shares many of the same lighting components that the XB LED headlights do, the big difference between the two are turn signal options and lack of start-up sequence. Thanks to sharing so many of the core components of the top-of-the-line XB LED units, the XB Hybrid headlights are hardly a compromise.


Morimoto XB LED Headlights for the 2020+ Silverado HD

The top-of-the-line XB LED headlights are the best upgrade you can get for your truck. These new headlights feature three bi-LED projectors to provide a massive upgrade in light output. The upgraded light will not only increase brightness, but it will also increase width, intensity, and provide a proper light distribution across your beam pattern. Whether you own an OEM halogen or OEM LED truck, these headlights will work for all models of the 2020+ Silverado HD. For those of you that prefer an OEM+ quality, you can be assured that these lights are a direct replacement with zero modifications necessary. And just like your OEM lights, the XB LED headlights come with UV-coated polycarbonate lenses so you won’t have to worry about sun fade.

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One of the most unique features of the Morimoto XB LED headlights are the turn signal functions. Unlike most other aftermarket companies, Morimoto gives you options when it comes to your turn signal lighting. Each XB LED headlight includes a connector on the back of the headlight that can determine either sequential or standard turn signal functions. That means with one simple connector you can disable the sequential mode, having only standard turn signal functions for those people that prefer something a bit more conservative.


What really matters with an upgrade like this is actual lighting performance. We recently had a Silverado in our studio to do testing with so we could show you real-life comparisons of XB LED headlights compared to the OEM stock headlights. As you can see, it’s quite a big difference. When we do our testing, we use a lux meter at a distance of 25 feet from the wall. During our testing, we found that the halogen low beam was rated at 420 maximum lux. When we installed the XB LED headlights, we found that the bi-LED unit was rated at 1,790 maximum lux. That is 326% brighter than your OEM halogen headlights. If you aren’t familiar with the term lux, feel free to read our blog explaining the difference between Lumen, Lux, and Candela.


When we compare the high beams of the two units, we find similar results. The halogen high beam is rated at 1,060 maximum lux whereas the Morimoto XB high beam is rated at 1,840 maximum lux. This might not be as big of an increase as the low beam; however, the Morimoto high beam is still 73% brighter than the OEM lights.

Every feature of these headlights marks off a different box. They perform better than any other aftermarket option, they are incredibly well built by Morimoto, and they provide an extremely modern upgrade to your Silverado. Overall, these are the best-looking and best-performing headlights available.

LF547_C-1Morimoto XB LED Headlights 2020+ Silverado HD
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Morimoto XB Hybrid Headlights for the 2020+ Silverado HD

You’re probably already fairly impressed by the XB LED headlights, but what if pricing is a big concern for you? Luckily, Morimoto thinks of everyone when they invent better automotive lighting. If the XB LEDs are out of your price range, consider the XB Hybrid lights instead. The Hybrid lights use a combination of the LED projectors and your OEM halogen bulbs to keep the cost for you low. Since they share many of the main components, the XB Hybrid lights will not compromise the light output. The Hybrid XBs are just as bright and impressive as the XB LED headlights. Instead of having options for sequential or standard turn signals, the XB Hybrid lights come with standard turn signals and utilize the OEM halogen turn signal bulb in the new turn signal location. The XB Hybrid lights will also not have the typical Morimoto start-up feature. However, between the bi-LED projectors and OEM-grade housings, these are the best aftermarket lights you’ll find at this price point.

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Like the XB LED headlights, the XB Hybrid headlights are powered by LED projectors for both low beams and high beams. They will also be compatible with both OEM halogen and OEM LED trucks. In true Morimoto fashion, the Hybrid XBs are a direct factory replacement and still, zero modifications are needed for installation. The optics for the Hybrid XB headlights were developed last year specifically for the use of the Hybrid XB product lineup. Morimoto designed them to produce a wide and intense beam pattern despite the affordable price point.


As we discovered in the last studio testing, the OEM halogen low beam is rated at 420 maximum lux. With the XB Hybrid units, the bi-LED low beam is rated at 880 maximum lux. That is twice the amount of brightness compared to the OEM headlights. Twice the amount of light along with the crisp cut-off line makes for an intense headlight upgrade.


When testing the high beam comparisons in our studio, we were just as impressed by the results. Same as before, the OEM halogen high beam is rated at 880 maximum lux. With the XB Hybrids, the high beams instantly go up to a rating of 2,420 maximum lux. Again, this is more than twice the brightness in the OEM headlights. These new Morimoto units are guaranteed to make driving in the dark a pleasure.

LF547-H-CMorimoto XB Hybrid Headlights 2020+ Silverado HD
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If you’ve got some extra cash laying around, then the high-end XB headlights are a no-brainer. If your brain is telling you to save some money while still accomplishing your mission for better lighting, then go for the new XB Hyrbid headlights. Whichever path you take, Morimoto ensures you will not be disappointed with your upgrade.

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