Alpharex Headlight Colors, What's the Difference?

Alpharex Headlight Colors, What's the Difference?

Alpharex has been in the headlight game for a while now and they have a ton of options when it comes to the number of vehicles their products fit. You will find easy-to-install assemblies with OEM levels of fitment. Something else you will find is that many of their housings are offered in different color trims.

Alpharex offers its headlight assemblies in three different color trims. Essentially, the interior of the headlights are coated in a finish. There is a “black,” “chrome,” and “jet black.” But what is the difference between the three and which should you get?


Alpharex has more than 20 years of manufacturing experience and are one of the leading companies when it comes to full headlight assembly manufacturing. Not to mention, their headlights are among the few who are truly DOT and SAE compliant, making them legal for road use.

These assemblies are also plug-and-play, making the installation process pretty straightforward. In our tests, they have performed well against the competition. You can see the full test we did below of a number of different Ford F-150/Raptor headlights.




First up you have the black housing. This one features a matte black finish that gives the headlights a brighter appearance, without robbing the attention from other aspects of the car. It is subtle, but not unnoticeable.


In some cases, the black housing will also encase the shrouds around the projectors. For example, this F150 headlight utilizes a matte black finish around its shrouds. On their Toyota 4Runner, the shrouds are chrome. That aspect changes depending on the model of the headlight, but you will always find that matte finished backing.

Screenshot_6 Screenshot_5



With the chrome-finished version, Alpharex goes all-out on the chrome. Absolutely everything inside the headlight is finished in chrome. The shrouds, the backing, and the bezels. It is insane and is very well finished.


Jet Black

This is the one that gets people a little confused. The ‘black’ and ‘jet black’ are different, but the name is a little confusing. With the ‘jet black’ finish, you are getting a headlight with a glossy black backing. It blends in more, especially if your car is a darker color. The ‘black' housing is a matte finish.

This one is a favorite of ours and it is similar to some of the Morimoto and GTR Lighting housings.


For dexterity, here is all three next to one another.

Color Headlight Assembly
Black Screenshot_2
Chrome Screenshot_3
Jet Black Screenshot_1



We hope this settles any concerns you had about Alpharex and their LED headlight assemblies. If you would like to see more about the different styles of Alpharex headlights, be sure to check out their website where they discuss the process behind the different colors they offer.

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