NEW Morimoto Amber LED Headlights for the 2020+ Super Duty

Check out the BRAND-NEW Morimoto Amber DRL XB LED Headlights for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty

If you are out there cruising the streets in an F-250, F-350, or F-450 with the dingey and dated stock headlights, you deserve an upgrade. At Headlight Revolution we know a thing or two about trucks. Even our own Chris Nelson cruises around in his own F-450 and has been for a while. So, trust us when we say that these Morimoto XB LED headlights for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty are the best fully LED headlights on the market.

HYP_0296 copy

Morimoto has proven itself over the last few years of being one of the best headlight brands in the business. They are continually refining their products and producing quality, plug-and-play headlights for many vehicle makes and models. With this XB LED Headlight for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty, they have reintroduced their headlight with an Amber DRL.


Even though this is a new release from Morimoto, the XB LED 2020+ Ford Super Duty headlight is not a new housing, however. Morimoto released this housing equipped with a white daytime running light (DRL) a while back. They also created a Hybrid version of the headlight, a version that is not as feature-rich as the XBs but allows for the price of the housing to come down.

DSC_0786 copy

Similar to their housing for the 2011-2016 Super Duty, this release from Morimoto gives owners of new Super Dutys an amber DRL option when they go to decide on a headlight upgrade.

Aesthetically speaking, the XB LEDs are a huge upgrade over the stock, chrome housings. They give the truck a more aggressive and modern appearance. The looks are not all just form; the lens is made of a UV-Resistant polycarbonate material to prevent sun damage and the LEDs are built to last. The same can be said for the OEM-grade backing to the lens to keep the headlight protected.

As standard for many of Morimoto’s top-of-the-line XB LED housings, this Super Duty headlight boasts a DRL that doubles as an amber sequential turn signal. That turn signal can also be switched to a standard blinking signal. Other cars will not be able to miss you with how bright the DRLs look, even in the daytime. The DRLs will also dim to 50 percent brightness when you turn your lights on.

HR_turn signal

Within those amazing DRLs are four LED projectors. When you have your low beams turned on, all four (or eight if you count both headlights) will shine. Once you turn on the high beams, the bottom two projectors will open, making it a bi-LED system.

DSC_0799 copyThese headlights are compliant with all DOT, SAE, and FMVSS108 standards. So you can rest easy knowing that you will not get a ticket for having inadequate and underperforming headlights that do not meet government standards for on-road use.

Morimoto is also known for their excellent start-up sequences in the fully LED XB housings. They really are worth the price of admission with the level of theatrics that they can add to your truck.


Speaking of performance, we put these lights to our usual test. First, we pull our truck into the garage and park it perpendicular to the wall at 25 feet. To gauge the brightness of the light, we run a digital Lux meter across the beam pattern in search of the brightest point. This is not 100 percent accurate to real-world performance, but it will give you a good idea of how bright these headlights are.

As the benchmark, we tested the OEM halogen headlights from the F-450/Super Duty. We tested these at 340 max. Lux on the low beam and 510 max. Lux for the high beam. This is about average for OEM headlights and should be expected when testing new stock headlights.

Stock/OEM Low Beam Stock/OEM High Beam
Screenshot_1 Screenshot_3

We did the same for the Super Duty equipped with a set of Morimoto XB headlights. On low beam, they came in at 1070 max. Lux, which is 214 percent brighter than the stock headlights. You are also getting a sharper beam pattern with greater width and distribution of light intensity.


When you turn on the high beams, the XB headlights destroy the stock headlights with a 149 percent increase. The XBs were tested at 1270 max. Lux. Once again, Morimoto has crafted an excellent beam pattern for the high beam setting.



Tools Needed for the Job:
Needle Nose Pliers
Pry Tool
Impact/Ratcheting Wrench

Begin by popping the hood. Then remove the 14 push pins dotted across the radiator cover. Remove it from the truck and place it to the side.

Screenshot_5 Screenshot_7

With the cover removed, there are six 10mm bolts along the top of the grill that should be removed.


Next, you will remove a plastic trim piece at the base of the grill. Use a pry tool to pry it from the truck near the headlights. Removing it will reveal two 10mm bolts. Remove them both.

Screenshot_8 Screenshot_9

Alternatively, your Super Duty may have a 13mm bolt below the headlight. To get to this bolt, we need to lower our bumper. To do so, use a wedge tool to pry out the plastic trim piece around the tow hook. This will reveal four 18mm bolts. DO NOT TAKE THEM OUT, only loosen. There are then two 15mm bolts behind the hitch, loosen those too.

Screenshot_22 Screenshot_23


With those bolts loosened you can push the bumper down enough to remove the 13mm bolt at the base of the headlight.


There is another 10mm bolt on the side of each headlight connecting to the grill. This does not apply to all Super Duty models and varies depending on production time.


Take your pry tool and begin to pull up and out on the grill near the headlights. When the grill is out of its clips, you will hear a snap sound.


Then, use a pick tool to push the clips down at the base of the grill, inside the engine bay. There are four clips. Once undone, disconnect the camera and washer motor to free the grill from the truck.



Remove the two 13mm bolts at the top of your headlight. This will allow you to remove the headlight from the truck. Be sure to disconnect the factory bulbs and connectors from the OEM housing.




As usual with Morimoto, you will need to plug in your DRL harness. Plug in the fuse tap to the number 16 fuse in the fuse box. Then, run the shortest wire to the nearest headlight and the longest wire to the furthest headlight.



Grab your brand-new XB headlights and plug in your factory connectors and DRL harness to the headlight. Then, if you want a sequential turn signal, keep the turn signal connector plugged in. If you would like to have a standard blinker, unplug the connector shown below.


Tape up your extra OEM low-beam connector as you will not need it.


You can then put the headlight back in place. Be sure to run through all the functions of the headlight to ensure it works properly.

Once that is done, you can button your Super Duty back up and hit the road with your Morimoto XB LED headlights!


The Ford Super Duty is an incredible truck, and it deserves equally as incredible headlights. Morimoto did NOT disappoint with these headlights, and we cannot recommend them enough. If an amber DRL is not your thing, be sure to see their white DRL model. And if you are shopping on more of a budget, Morimoto also offers these headlights in their Hybrid model.

If you are more of a visual learner, check out our video where we take you step by step on installing these Morimoto XB LED headlights for the 2020+ Ford Super Duty. While you are there, make sure to like and subscribe to our channel for the latest lighting upgrades for your vehicle. 

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